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Create magnificent collages out of your photo collection

Looking at pictures, one at time, one by one, can be very boring. Instead of relishing in memories caught on file you find yourself bored and looking for something else to do.
Some try organizing their photos in albums, stowing them away in forgotten closets or drawers. There, they excel at one thing – collecting dust, an underappreciated skill for sure, but still, not what their main purpose in life should be.
There's no need to compromise any further on what you can do with your photos. Using PhotoMix, you can now create spectacular collages from your single photos. These can be great for refreshing your own collections or for creating breathtaking presents for loved ones. Creating meaningful and thematic collages is also a great and relaxing leisure time activity. While creatively organizing and cleverly planning a collage you'll discover a great way to maximize the impact of any family photo session.
Users who wish to create great collages with PhotoMix don’t have to be skilled artists or even proficient PC users. The only necessary ingredients are digital photos, some spare time and the will to create a masterpiece.
PhotoMix also enables you to apply several various filters and effects. Resulting collages can be simply added to your digital photo collection, printed out, emailed or even be set as your desktop wallpaper.
So, instead of reading one review after another, simply get to it and start creating beautiful collages.
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